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Death Be Not Loud

A quiet life of loving relationships. Sometimes, wealth comes in whispers:

Why read about an ordinary woman with a terminal disease?

Because an ordinary, loving woman has so much to teach us. I wrote this book because, in an age of me-me-me, Sharon was a hero who gave herself to others even as ALS (Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis) slowly destroyed her nerves. Her love for others shined through, providing her family and others the foundation for the kind of fulfilled and spiritual life she had.

Spiritual, huh? Is this one of those rah-rah-God books you see in the Christian section of the bookstore?

Hell, no! It's one of those books that inspires through the story of a woman who is living—and dying—proof that the Bible is useful; that the Spirit of God is there for the taking, whether you're a Christian, Jew, Atheist; whatever your beliefs and spiritual state. Religions, denominations don't count—the Spirit does! You know, there's something to all that woo-woo stuff.

So you wanted to help her leave a legacy of love and smiles, even as readers deal with stinkin' stuff?

Yes, and while doing so tell Sharon's story. Throughout her life, this ordinary woman—a true American hero—overcame often horrific circumstances by harnessing the power of God's Spirit. Childhood abuse, rape, misogyny, and her last challenge, a terminal disease. That illness, ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease has no known cure. It promises suffering as the patient gradually loses the ability to walk, talk, even breathe. And yet, through it all, Sharon smiled determined to leave behind an approach for others to meet the challenges of life.

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