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Rich Men (& Women) North of Richmond: We're the Eggs, They're the Omelets

Do this, do that do what we say or we will censor you, audit you, criminalize every part of you but your breath (oops, forgot about mandatory masking). We know what's best for you, your children, your family. That's what has happened, as country singer Oliver Anthony puts it, when we let "Rich Men North of Richmond" take control of our lives. They know little or nothing about us...and don't want to because they don't live under their laws and regulations.

Litte people. Like my late wife Sharon, who truly didn't care that so many in charge thought her unimportant. She had faith, you see, and knew—rock solid, no-matter-what knew—that God thought her important. And so she did what so many of us may want to think about: Smile; do what you can by voting, attending government and school meetings when necessary; and, as much as possible, treat others with respect. Learn and live a mannerly life. sent thank-you notes to people who sent gifts, cards, and congratulated—by note, phone—friends and family with hallmarks, whether celebration or sorrow.

As described in my book about her death from ALS ("Be Still and Know: Psalm 46 and the Stinkin' Stuff of Life" Wipf & Stock Publishers):

"She was extraordinary, this ordinary woman from a southern mountain state emblematic of the solid faith and values of the women who make up this nation. They work, raise their families, play, worship and pray, give their all to relationships, and live a life largely unaffected by the cascade of noise emanating from the trendy enclaves..." of the elites. (p. 16)

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